Quick Ship

At Madok Manufacturing, our Quick Ship program ensures you get an exact fit, predictable performance heat transfer coil when you need a replacement unit. We work together as a team to obtain the precise measurements and performance requirements you need for replacement HVAC and refrigeration coils. Our scalable production system has been designed to be highly flexible, yet build consistency and quality in every coil that we make. Most customers who need a replacement coil quickly, choose a 5 or 10 working day turnaround from date of their approval of design specifications and drawings. There are however those times when every minute counts. We have the ability, proven over 40 years of meeting these critical needs, to manufacture a custom replacement coil for you in 24-48 hours. You can count on Madok replacement coils to perform as promised because we leak test every coil we ship.  All coils are submerged under water and charged with between 325 – 500 PSIG dry air (depending on applicable certification) for 100% quality assurance.


24-48 Hours Add of 100% net of total order amount. ($500 minimum premium add)
5 Working Days Add of 45% net of total order amount ($250 minimum premium add)
10 Working Days Add of 25% net of total order amount ($150 minimum premium add)
If you need a replacement HVAC-R coil in a hurry, we invite you to call Madok. We’ve helped people in a hurry for over 40 years!