OEM HVAC-R Equipment

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers are very demanding – as they should be. They need to partner with their vendors at all levels of the organization. Whether it’s engineering staff, purchasing personnel, production teams or quality process managers, they expect that their team members can create and sustain the key relationships with Madok team members who appreciate their needs and who are dedicated to providing solutions to their complex needs every day, without exception. It’s this kind of commitment and these kinds of resource deployments that allow Madok to serve a growing OEM segment.
In-house design and engineering expertise and robust digital business systems coupled with complete vertical integration of manufacturing functions allow us to be proactive during the early stages of design and prototyping, and responding effectively to production needs as they arise. Madok’s scalable manufacturing model allows us to react quickly to new opportunities, while at the same time, maintain focus on our current business. This has allowed us to grow without sacrificing customer service, flexibility, on-time delivery, responsiveness and quality. We have the people, equipment and space to meet the ongoing demand in a market that is always changing. Madok heat transfer coils in your HVAC-R equipment – a perfect match, every time!