Drawing Specification Worksheets

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Operating Condition Worksheets

Common Formulas

Face Area (ft2): FA = FH x FL / 144
Face Velocity (fpm): FV = SQEM / FA
Heating Applications: SH = 1.085 x SCFM x (DBL – DBE) GPM = SH / 500 x (EWT – LWT)
Cooling Applications: TH = 4.5 X SCFM X (HE – HL) SH = 1.085 x SCFM x (DBE – DBL) GPM = TH / 500 X (LWT – EWT)
Where: DBE = Entering air dry bulb (°F.) DBL = Leaving air dry bulb (°F.) EWT = Entering water temperature (°F.) FA = Coil face area (ft2) FH = Finned height (in.) FL = Finned length (in.) FPM = Feet/minute FV = Face velocity (fpm) GPM = U.S. gallons/minute of water HE = Enthalpy of entering air (BTU/lb.) HL =Enthalpy of leaving air (BTU/lb.) LWT = Leaving water temperature (°F.) SCFM = Standard cubic feet/minute of air SH = Sensible heat (BTU/hour) Total heat (BTU/hour)
Note: On Cooling Applications with dehumidification (wet coils), the face velocity should not exceed 500 fpm to prevent water-carryover from the coil.