Insulated Encased Coils

Applications and Capabilities

With only coil piping and drain pan connections to make, installation is a breeze for those projects that require minimal installation time and cost. The assembly includes 1/2″ hydrophilic insulation in the cabinet, sloped drain pan, ¾″ MPT drain connection, sealed connections at the access panel to prevent air bypass, and 1″ duct flanges on the entering and leaving air side of the cabinet. 16 gauge galvanized steel is standard with an option for stainless steel. An air flow label is placed on the connection end to insure proper installation. Madok insulated encased coils are the most cost effective option on the market for those installations that require a complete coil assembly for reduced field labor costs. Our design incorporates the heating and/or cooling coil(s) into an insulated cabinet, with drain pan (as necessary), and duct flanges that readily connect to ductwork. This option eliminates the need to fabricate drain pans and provides insulation for coils installed in the duct work.