Madok is introducing two new products

Steam Distributing Coils

products-steamdistributingMadok steam distributing coils are designed to provide a level of protection against freezing in low-temp environments. Manufactured with a ‘tube within tube’ design. From the inner tubes the steam is distributed through directed small holes or “Steam Jets” that push condensate toward the outlet connection. Madok steam distributing coils are pitched to allow proper removal of condensate. More Information

All Madok steam distributing coils come standard with Heresite Protective coating to protect and prolong your investment!

Slip & Drive Booster Coils

products-slipanddriveSlip and drive booster coils are water coils for HVAC heating and cooling systems. Design of the top and bottom plates allows for quick and easy installation of these coils into new or existing slip & drive ductwork. Wide range of coil sizes are available (custom sizing as well) to match various duct geometries. More Information