Heresite Coating Process

The Madok Heresite Immersion Coating Process

The Heresite 5-Step coil coating process is central to our commitment of consistent and assured quality. After intake, the coil is first inspected, then a thorough surface preparation ensures the coil is ready for coating. After surface preparation is complete, the coil is immersed in the specific coating formulation tailored to the customer’s requirements. The heresite coated coil is then baked as a ‘flash cure’ and immersed a second time. This second immersion is followed by a spray coat to assure full and complete coverage. The coil then undergoes a high temperature baking, before a final inspection and packing for shipment. For equipment with unusual dimensions, flow coating is used in conjunction with the immersion process. Heresite coating process

Heresite Coating Products Include:

P-413 Modified Baked Phenolic Plasticizers have been added to this baked phenolic to make it more flexible for use on light gauge metal like finned tube coils, fans, duct.The P-413 baking phenolic will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes. Because it is a good thermal conductor, there is no need to add additional heating or cooling surface.