Madok Manufacturing is the exclusive Canadian licensed applicator and distributor of Heresite Protective products to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and heat transfer equipment segments of the HVAC-R market. For over 3 decades our customers have made Heresite their coating of choice for a remarkably wide variety of applications to deliver superior corrosion protection against the harshest operating conditions. First and foremost, the coating that you select has to perform. No heat transfer coating surpasses Heresite for performance in harsh environments. Through heat, cold, chemical and salt environments, Heresite protects your equipment…better and longer. Heresite is an FDA approved, pure phenolic, resinous thermo-set coating that can be applied to aluminum, copper and steel with equal, excellent results. Applied right in the Madok facility using a multi-stage preparation, immerse-then-bake process, Heresite protects every inner and outer surface of Madok manufactured coils from corrosive agents to sustain maximized airflow and extend the life of all components. In addition to the added longevity benefits of comprehensive corrosion protection, a Heresite coated coil is easier to maintain than a non-coated coil, especially in situations where ‘air-side’ fouling is prevalent. Less fouling and easier maintenance translate into longer term optimal efficiency through the life of the coil.