Seller warrants against defect in materials and workmanship in products that it manufactures for one (1) year from date of shipment, when properly installed and operated under normal use. The warranty does not apply to products that have been subject to misuse (including use in manner inconsistent with the design of the product), abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or maintenance, or to products that have been altered or repaired by anyone other than Madok or its authorized representative. This guarantee does not include any labor or other charges outside of the Seller’s factory for replacement or repair of defective product. Warranty shall not be construed to cover the cost of removal or installation of product or replacement of any fluids or refrigerants. Seller’s only liabilities under this warranty, or otherwise, shall be the repair or replacement (at Seller’s option) of non-conforming goods or parts, not to exceed the original cost of the product. Seller assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages such as, but not limited to, injury to person or property, or lost profits.  The Seller will accept no expense, liability, or responsibility for repairs made outside the factory by others without prior written approval.  Warranty covers material only and not labor required to replace or install. This guarantee supersedes and is in lieu of any and all other warranties by law or custom, either expressed or implied including, but not limited by this enumeration, any guarantee as to quality or fitness, for any particular purpose, except as set forth above. No person, or distributor/dealer, is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of Seller or to assume for Seller any other liability in connection with any of the Seller’s products.